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Skyscape/OMNIO nursing reference


Has anyone purchased or used the SkyscapeOMNIO nursing reference program?

I've used Skyscape for years. About a year ago the Skyscape app I knew and loved turned into Omnio. I called support and they told me that Omnio although a medical reference app, is geared toward physicians and pharma marketing. Skyscape released a new app - Skyscape Medical Library, which I can still use my Nursing Constellation Plus on. I've updated my Davis's Drug Guide, but I didn't have to lay out hundreds of dollars each year, like I've heard you have to do with Nursing Central. I've also added a few titles to expand my library. Late last year Skyscape started NCLEX question of the week, they email me a question or you can find it on Facebook. Overall I would recommend Skyscape to any nursing student, it's easy to use and since most of us already have smartphones it's actually cheaper than textbooks. Hope this helps.