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Skyscape and nursing school

I will be starting a BSN program in the fall. I am an older (30-something) student but appreciate electronic media. I have an ipad (gen 1) and an iphone. I am very frustrated with the slow pace that textbook publishers are taking in providing electronic books. I would pay extra to get both a hardcopy and e-book version of a text and I bet I'm not alone. I've pretty much accepted that my actual textbooks do not have electronic versions (except one which offers a dual hardcopy/ e-book package).

I am wondering if anyone is using/ has used the skyscape apps for required materials like Taber's and NANDA? Did you find it a useful format? Did you (or would you suggest) also purchasing the hardbound version of the materials? I understand instructors say to bring all material to class/ clinical all the time but is this the reality? I would not bring my ipad to clinical unless there is a secure area to lock it up. So I'm wondering if it would be a hinderance were I to only purchase the skyscape version of these resources. I'm also wondering if the skyscape resources (once purchased) will work on both my iphone and ipad without having to purchase them twice?

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I graduated from RN in 2007. I purchased a PDA for RN program. I used it every day. The 3 things that I used the Most was the Davis Drug book, Tabors, and Documents to go. the Devices are so much better than what we had available. I was the only one beside my instructor that used one. (I had purchased the nurses constellation from Skyscape, if you do that get it on you laptop as well. I was so happy that I did.)

Today, in my practice I use a Blackberry. I use Epocrates Drug hand book it is free, i also have Medscape this just became available.

I did take my Text books to class. during the LPN I had a tote in my car that I had everything in it. I would exchange books during break. By the time I was in RN I only had 2 classes a semester. I had a brief case for each class (one was clinical) Having the PAD lightened the load greatly. I speeded up the drug checking as well. you are so lucky to have so much available... Good Luck


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You can't go wrong with Skyscape.

They give you a free version of "Outlines in Clinical Medicine" that helps as well.

Each product is device dependent, can't share, so careful on which you purchase.

I have found Medscape Mobile excellent as well. Great for drugs, quick summary of conditions and diagnosis.

Good luck!

I have been using the skyscape app since school in 2007, first on windows ce device and now on android (nexus 7) tablet. The problem I have with skyscape is how slow it is to open and respond to my swipes. What I don't know is about how the unbound android app works, I don't have the money to buy both just to have the privilege to see if one works better than the other.


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