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hi! i am new to the site and am hoping to start nursing school in january 2008. can anyone help me out and let me know what are the pros and cons of the fccj and/or sjrcc nursing (rn) programs? i am applying to both and don't know which one is better for me. i think i've got the points for either school. also, can anyone tell me what a typical schedule/hours are like at each school? for fccj, i'd be interested to know what day vs. evening class schedules are like, too.



i'm transferring to fccj in january as well. that's the only school i've really heard about. my cousins have gone there as well and both liked it (transferred to UNF for bio/pharmacy degrees)

Have you heard what the points for acceptance turn out to be? Do you know how difficult the program is and how good/fair/helpful the instructors are? Thanks for your comments!

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