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Hey everyone, I'm going to be basically done with pre-reqs at the end of the year, and I've been looking into Chamberlain College of Nursing and SIUE. I've taken tours of chamberlain and have talked to people who have gone there, but I cant say the same for SIUE. I was wondering if anyone who goes there now can tell me your opinions about their nursing program. Thanks


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Hi dnelson. I am not in the Nursing program at SIUE, but I looked into the traditional and accelerated program. When I would try to speak with advisors they would not answer the phone and immediately reply with an email. When it was time to register for classes they would not meet with you individually to go over prereqs (at SIUE you have to meet with an advisor each semester to get a code to register), but group you with about 30-40 other students and just talk about the program each semester. If you don't have what they think are grades or the GPA that will get you in they will say so and try not to deal with you (happened to a friend of mine) it seems like they use that as a tactic to lower the number of applications. Also, I don't feel the pass rate for SIUE is high enough for them to act so discriminatory.

I have also applied to Chamberlain and had an experience similar to yours. The advisors and the rest of the staff are very accommodating. I know some people have their doubts because it is a for-profit school, but they are accredited and the tuition per semester is actually very similar to other local universities. I have been accepted and I did a comparison of tuition and since I have all the sciences completed my tuition for the time I am there is almost equal to that at SLU.


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Thanks for your response. I've also heard that SIUE's pass rate isn't as high, and it's weird that they would make it so hard to just sit and talk to some one.

Ive also heard about people who feel a certain way about Chamberlain but like you said it is accredited and the advisors are sooo nice! I've met with one who told me every single class I could take to boost my gpa that would transfer. I also like how it is year round. Congrats on getting accepted and good luck!!


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Yes they are very good about helping you pick the right classes. They even worked with me to more classes completed before my entry date to shorten my time.

Thanks for the well wishes :up: And good luck to you where ever you choose to apply!

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