Make "site feedback" more visible to users.

  1. Site feedback is an opportunity to make the allnurses community better. Facilitating the discussion and letting these voices be heard can only make the site better.

    Quote from Rose_Queen
    Threads in Site Feedback do not come up when selecting "Get Daily" or "Get New". I did not know that previously, and I think these threads should be appearing with those searches. It allows more members to see the threads, provide input, and for admin to see that there are many people who would reply to these threads- if they could see them. I just clicked Get Daily and What's New several times to see if this thread would come up- it doesn't.
    As Rose Queen mentioned in another thread, posts in the "site feedback" forum don't get much traffic. If allnurses really wants feedback from its members, it would be beneficial to make the forum more visible. When nobody can see it...well....

    In another recent thread, upon the post being moved to the “site feedback” forum, Jules A commented, Dang thread killer! We've been moved.

    Sure enough, a page later, the thread that previously had been quite active was now “dead”, and even the admins themselves had stopped responding to it.

    The stated mission of allnurses is "To support and elevate the nursing profession by providing a place where nurses and nursing students can network, learn, and support one another, as well as a platform on which nurses' voices can be heard."

    When posts get put in "site feedback" where nobody will see them, those voices won't be heard. Members having a voice isn’t worth much if no one is able to hear them. Not only are posts in the “site feedback” forum separated from the general discussion, but they are at the very bottom of a long list of other forums. You would never know it was there!
    I see this as a fantastic opportunity for improvement here at allnurses. Why? Because it is a part of the website’s stated mission, and making changes in this area could help the website better fulfill that mission.

    It isn’t that difficult. Many other internet forums have a more effective method of processing feedback from users. Reddit is separated into smaller subreddits that are each managed by a moderated that can focus on just that area to improve it, manage it, and respond to users. Fark lists its contact link right at the top of the page for those who want to give feedback.
    Rose Queen’s above observation that “site feedback” forum threads aren’t available in commonly used “news feeds” on the site is a good catch. Are there any other forums that aren’t included there? “Get daily” may be a curated collection of the most popular forums, but “get news” sounds like it sound be literally a list of all the newest posts. All of them.

    Making the “site feedback” forum would be beneficial to both the users and the admin team and allnurses owners. Users would feel more engaged with the site. When users have a hand in making something better, they are more likely to continue their patronage. It makes them feel invested. It also eases the burden on those that run the site because the flow of good ideas for improvement increases. Allnurses (according to the “About Us” page) gets more than 4 million unique visits per month! Four million heads are better than one! Just think how many brilliant website ideas could be in some of those minds. If the “site feedback” forum were made more visible, traffic to it would likely increase, and some members who had never known it existed might contribute some amazing ideas.

    My suggestion: Make the “site feedback” forum more visible on the main page. This could be done by making a link in the yellow banner bar across the top of the page. Or, in the grey bar below the banner, that has “latest/articles/trend/gallery/videos/unanswered”. Unobtrusive, yet accessible. Who knows what great ideas could be hiding out in the allnurses users’ collective brain.
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  3. by   Joe V
    Thank you ... appreciate your feedback

    Staff are instructed to move all site feedback topics to the Site Feedback forum because it's easier for admins to follow. And, to be honest with you ... it's easier for me to follow.

    We leave the Site Feedback forum open to catch ideas that may slip through the cracks. But, many suggestions go through our Admin Help Desk - a one to one private communications area.

    Unlike the Site Feedback forum, the Admin Help Desk is open to ALL - members and guests.

    Site Feedback is found at the bottom because it's not a priority for our readers. They are here for nursing.

    (Closing as this has been addressed.)