If I upgrade my account, will I be considered an active member?

  1. I'm more of a "lurker" than a poster on this forum; I read it for 2-3 years before I made an account even! I've found it very useful for career advice and the like, but I don't like to comment unless I feel I can add something to the conversation. I'm a new grad who is just about to start work in September so should have more things to say then! In the meantime, I feel like most of my posts would be "clutter".

    However, this has gotten me considered to not be an "active member". I can't edit incorrect profile information, but aside from that it doesn't really impact me so I don't really mind. I figure in time, the topics I make will add up enough to resolve the problem.

    That said, I want to access the features that would be offered by upgrading my account. I wonder though if I'll be able to access all or even any of the pro features since I'm not an "active" member. If not, I don't mind supporting the site on principle but I think I'd wait until I reached that active threshold.

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