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4 Simple Strategies for Writing Great Articles (Even Your Grandma Can Do It)

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by Joe V Joe V (Admin) Expert Verified

Joe V has 20 years experience and works as a IT Director / Strategist / Developer @ allnurses.

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The goal of many writers is to make a difference. Some are more effective than others. It all comes down to your writing style and how you promote the article.

4 Simple Strategies for Writing Great Articles (Even Your Grandma Can Do It)

Improve Your Writing Style

A successful article is one that grabs the reader's attention and promotes reading. To do this, you must first write an article that is easy to read.

Follow these simple rules to grab the reader's attention.

  1. Use the Inverted Pyramid Structure
  2. Create Short-to-Medium Length Articles
  3. Use Short Paragraphs
  4. Format Text When Appropriate
  5. Use an appropriate text link with anchor text (vs. plain link)
  6. Link to your past articles
  7. Link to external links (authority sites)

Use the Inverted Pyramid Structure

We were always taught to begin an article with an introduction. However, when using the inverted pyramid structure, you start with its most newsworthy info first. A summary is always helpful in this case.

Inverted Pyramid Writing Style

Do you remember the last time you read an article from start to finish? Do you remember why?

Typically, a reader scans a page - looking for something to grab their attention. If nothing grabs them, they will exit. This loss is why it's essential to have the conclusions or key points first. In other words, provide the reason for creating the article first then provide its context/benefits.

Create Short Articles

Write short articles. A 700-3,000 word article will provide just enough information. If your article consists of 3,000+ words, you should consider splitting into 2 or more pieces.

Use Short Paragraphs

Long paragraphs are difficult to scan. Readers exit the moment they see a large blob of text.

  • Use short and familiar words - no jargon.

Format Text When Appropriate


  • Use Headings (H2-H3), Bold, and Italic.
  • Divide content in short paragraphs
  • Use a bulleted list when possible.
  • Break up paragraphs with corresponding images, videos, or other media types.


  • Change font-size - stick with the default text size
  • Use excessive BOLD
  • Use excessive emoticons. Emoticons are fun, but when used too much it takes away from the message.

Use Appropriate Text Links

When adding links to your article use descriptive text for links.

Which do you think is better?

Link to Your Internal (Previous) Articles

A great way to promote your articles is to link to each other. So when you are writing an article - think about your previous articles. If you believe any would help support your current article than mention it. Use appropriate anchor text vs. just a link.

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Promote Your Articles

A smart way to promote your articles is by promoting your Profile > Blog page. Your readers can find all your articles on your Blog page. You can share your Profile link to your co-workers, family, and friends. The more people interested in you, the more FOLLOWERS you will generate.

Other ideas:

  • Promote your Profile on Facebook, Twitter, personal website, etc
  • Clear your Profile > Signature and use this space to promote your articles.
  • Introduce yourself in your Profile > About section

Want more exposure? Get your article showcased on the main page.

Stay Active

The first year is critical. It's good to stay active to help increase exposure to your articles.


  1. You have no FOLLOWERS.
  2. Readers don't know YOU.
  3. TRUST is earned not created. 

Joe V is a web programmer and obstacle racing enthusiast. “It’s gratifying to teach others what you know. At the same time, it’s very satisfying to learn from others.”

8 Followers; 8 Articles; 91,157 Visitors; 1,722 Posts

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Kaisu has 2 years experience and works as a Hospice.

1,500 Visitors; 111 Posts

Even a grandma huh?  Insulting and offensive to those of us that are grandmothers.  Please think about rephrasing that.

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4,266 Visitors; 76 Posts

Totally agree with Kaisu.    I have friends who were grandmothers by age 30, others who were 60 or older before becoming a grandmother.  All were perfectly capable people.   Also a bit sexist--have you ever heard, "Even your grandfather could do it"?  

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darren_callcareer18 works as a Nurse.

3,119 Visitors; 76 Posts

People are too sensitive nowadays. Every words has something to say. tss.

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Kaisu has 2 years experience and works as a Hospice.

1,500 Visitors; 111 Posts

How about " Strategies so simple, even a male nurse can do it"?

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