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Simmons FNP Sept 2014

crossingfingers10 specializes in Hospice, ER.

Hi everyone!

Anyone here applied and/or already know they've been accepted to the Sept cohort at Simmons? Thought maybe we could start a little group here if so! I just submitted my application the other day and am still waiting for all of my reference letters to be returned. Simmons is my top choice so these next few weeks will be long ones!

TereseRN specializes in ICU, Allergy/Asthma, and Primary Care.

Hey there! I am starting part time for the September cohort! I completed the Bio Bridge course this past May and I love the program and how it is set up. Good luck to you!

crossingfingers10 specializes in Hospice, ER.

Hi there! Congrats to you and good luck to you as well! I got word this past week that all of my letters have been received so I should have 1-2 weeks left of waiting. Can't wait!

Hi...am starting the Bio bridge course, have to get a grade of 83...how was the course?


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