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Simmons FNP May 2017

vt_nc vt_nc (New) New

Interested to see if anyone else is starting Simmons FNP online program in the May 2017 cohort? I have to take bridge course starting in February, then will start in May. Thoughts, previous or current student advice is greatly appreciated.

Hey there I was accepted into the Simmons online FNP May 2017 cohort as well. If anyone else out there has recently been accepted please share so we can get to know each other.

Hi, I have also just been accepted for the May cohort. :) Very nervous/excited!

Hey all, Im currently in the process of finishing my application for May cohort as well. i just wanted to know your opinion in this college, have you done other researches about other schools? Ive been looking a lot all over the place for a good online FNP, and it looks like Simmons is a good option but I also wanted to hear from others to make sure I am not making a mistake