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Simmons Direct Entry - 2015 Fall Start


I saw a 2014 thread about this but nothing so far for 2015. Anyone else applying to this program?

Hi, BostonS,

I applied as well. I'm wondering when we'll hear. I've searched this site, but in prior years, the deadline appeared to be Feb 1, not Dec 1. It would be nice to have an idea of when to expect acceptance (or rejection!) letters. I applied to Northeastern as well, and will apply to Regis this month; their deadline is Feb. 1.

Hi, I also applied to Simmons. I was not aware of the change in deadline. Where did you see that?

I have also applied to Northeastern and I am applying to Regis, the only thing is I did not take the GRE yet and I am trying to get a stop so I could take it this month. I hate waiting to hear back!

I emailed the Simmons nursing office of admission for a timeline of application review and they said that they send out decisions in early to mid February. Hopefully they'll stick to it, right?

I'm assuming you've all applied to FNP tracks at other schools?

Yes I have, thanks for letting us know. I hope they stick to it!!!

Hi AN0421,

I saw the deadline info on this thread and on other threads where people were hearing back at the end of March: https://allnurses.com/massachusetts-nursing/anyone-applying-to-652815.html

It looks like we're applying to the same programs! I took the MAT instead of the GRE (you can do either for Regis) and found it easier--for the math part, no actual problems to solve, just relationships between equations to identify. Heavy, intense verbal, though.

I was going to apply to MGHIHP also but felt 'meh' after learning more about the program. I may be wrong, but it felt like it was riding on the prestige of MGH (it's been a separate entity since 1985), and their NCLEX pass rates for MSN are around the national average. Simmons, NE, and Regis are all higher. The first 20 minutes of their info session was a hard-sell of its [expensive] online prereqs. As a commuter, it's a b*tch to get to. Students there seem happy, but I don't get it's ranking compared with the other Boston-area programs.

I LOVED the Simmons program, but at Regis and Northeastern, it's my understanding that applicants qualify for undergraduate financial aid up to the BSN; that's a big factor for me.

Anyone know when Northeastern lets applicants know?

Hey emmawdhous,

That's kind of a bummer about MGH. I was excited about the fact that they awarded a BSN and an MSN because I've thought about going into the military and some of the services require a BSN and an MSN. I recently found out that I was accepted to Vanderbilt so I think that's the way I'm going. I've heard great things about the program and the cost of living in Nashville is considerably less than Boston.

Northeastern will let us know, early to mid february, at least that is what I have been told.

Congrats, BostonS! My family's here so I need to limit the search to greater Boston.

Thanks for info, AN. I guess there's nothing left to do but wait... :nailbiting:

Here's notification info for Regis DE MSN Regular Action:

Deadline: Monday, February 2, 2015

Decisions mailed by Monday, February 23, 2015

I applied and I'm anxiously awaiting the decision letter!! Have you heard anything yet?

Hey Everyone!

I deferred my acceptance last year, so I will start the program this fall! Last year I got my letter around mid- feb I think! So you all should be hearing very soon. I got my letter in the mail, so keep an eye out! I also went to Simmons for Public Health so let me know if you have any questions or what not.

Thanks so much for responding. Some posts said mid-March, so I look forward to the letter coming sooner.

Nothing yet. A whole lot of nothing.

Same here re. Simmons DEN. A woman on another board got a call this afternoon (Wed) for an interview from Northeastern. So at least they're getting the ball rolling.

I just got an email from Simmons apologizing for the delay in reviewing DEN candidates (storm-related), and revising its acceptance/rejection notification to end of February. So it looks like another 1-1/2 to 2 weeks for Simmons. Anyone else hear from Northeastern? I've only seen one 2015 candidate on the boards called for an interview so far.

I just got the email from Simmons. I didn't apply to Northeastern, so I don't know about them.

I applied and am anxiously awaiting the admission decisions. I got an email that their process has been delayed due to the bad weather in February. They were planning on mailing decisions in mid to late February, but now they expect to get them out by the end of the first week in March. The wait is killing me!!