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Silvasorb and Calcium Alginate

by cmarn cmarn Member

Has anyone heard of combining Silvasorb gel to wound bed, topping with calcium alginate and covering with DSD? I recently started with a new agency. There is one nurse who orders this for most of her patients. My question was...why use these together? My understanding is that if the wound bed is dry, the gel can be helpful as it has hydrating properties. If topped with ca alginate, that would absorb the gel and further dry out an already dry wound. Would appreciate any input.:confused:

This sounds like a dressing that you would want to change every 3-5 days plus prn... silvasorb you can leave for up to 7 days... and Ca Alginate forms a gel like barrier with the moisture of the wound and yes it will absorb exudate... it would be fine in my opinion if it's left for a couple days so that the wound could remain moist with the moist it generates on its own...

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I see what you are saying. Maybe she is thinking that using the alginate is helping to insulate the wound? Personally, I would use foam then Tegaderm over the Silvasorb rather than alginate.