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Curious how the LVN MDS Coordinators go about having the RN Coordinator sign your MDS. Do you give them a list at the end of the week with the ard date and what day the MDS was completed and date they need to sign. or do they sign it for the date they reviewed it was complete. hope this makes since. i can give an example if ineed to go into detail.

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My MDS nurse leaves me a list to sign. I have to say, I find this whole RN signature requirement to ensure completion stupid. For many years now, the computer edits will not allow transmission of an incomplete MDS. But, on a side note, I've felt this way forever and back in about 2003 I got so sick of tracking down an RN for a completion signature that I went back to school and got my RN just to avoid this hassle. Didn't really help as they just bumped me to DON and now I have to sign for someone else. :)