Should i postpone? kaplan scores

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I graduated May 8th. May 11-16 I took a required Kaplan course for one week mon-fri 9-5. My nclex is scheduled for next week. Thursday June 18th. Im wondering if ill likely pass based on my current Kaplan scores. I'm sure they'll go up slightly in the 9 days I have left to study. Honest advice appreciated please :)

Here are my current scores:

QT 1- 62.7% Sample test 1- 44%

QT 2- 61.3% Readiness: 62.8

QT 3- 49% Diagnostic: 52.8%

QT 4- 54% Predictor: 62%

QT 5- 50.7% 100% of all Qbanks completed w/ an average score of 59%

WT 6- 62.5%

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Your scores are decent, I think you have a good chance based on them. If you took a live class, the instructor probably told you that you could contact her....see what she thinks! I did that, it eased my mind.

My scores were similar to yours and I passed first try. One other thing I did was call Kaplan to unlock the diagnostic and took it a second time, it went up to 79%....not sure if it was truly indicative, but it gave my confidence that big huge boost I needed. If it had been below 65% the second time, I promised myself I would postpone.