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Should I take this $1,000 CNA training class?


Hi everyone! I'm planning on applying for entry-level MSN programs soon and I was wondering if being a CNA will boost my chances of getting into nursing school (entry-level MSN)?

I have my bachelor's in another field and have at least 200 hours of volunteer experience (and at least 40 as a scribe volunteer). I also have a 3.8 GPA (prereqs) and a 3.3 GPA overall.

I'm so conflicted because the CNA training costs $1000 and I'm not sure if it's worth going through it especially if I'm going to apply soon.

I would really appreciate your help! Thank you so much.

You should see if your state allows you to take the CNA exam if you have a certain amount of experience in nursing school and have taken the right classes already. I know my state says nursing students can sit for the CNA exam as long as they have taken certain classes that I suspect I’ll have taken by my 4th semester. Also I think a lot of hospitals would give you on the job training for CNA if you tell them that your a nursing student as well!