Should I go for my DNP?

by NursKam NursKam, MSN, RN, NP Member

Specializes in Family Practice & Emergency Department.

Hey guys! I am looking for some input. I have been in the field for 7 years, working as a CNA and an ER Tech. I am about to finish my BSN this summer, and have already applied for a BSN to DNP-FNP program. I work alongside RNs and NPs in the ER, and am pretty sure that I would enjoy the knowledge and challenge that a career as a nurse practitioner would bring.

My dilemma is the money. I have $60,000 in undergrad loans already. The DNP program would be another $82,000. That would leave my $142,000 in debt. I know here in CA, NPs do not make much more than RNs. I just wonder if I should really take on this amount of debt to make the same amount of money. I could go the MSN route for $40,000, but the DNP program is only one semester longer than the MSN and I am sure by the end of my career, the DNP will be required. At this point, I kind of just want to knock grad school out of the way. Any input? Advice?

Thank you all!