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Should I get a part-time job while being a full-time pre-nursing student taking prerequisites courses just to get work experience for applying to the program?

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I am currently taking Physiology and will take Microbiology as a prereq and pathophysiology as a nursing cognate next Spring. I am thinking of taking a fast-food part-time job but I worried if I don't pass Physiology and Microbiology with an A, I might not get accepted into the nursing program at my college (the min prereq is a 3.20). If I do pass both classes with an A, I will only have a prereqs GPA of 3.46. The only reason I want to get a part-time job is to get work experience since I don't any. I tried to do any volunteer work at my local hospital but there are not currently accepting any new students and I live in a small town.

If you have to work to support yourself, a job as a CNA or PCT will be more useful than a job in fast food.  At this point, if you don't have to work, then it is better to direct your energies on getting A's in your courses.