Should I get my MSN first?

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Hey! So I had begun an online FNP program at the university where I got my accelerated BSN. After 4 classes, I started to realize that FNP wasn't what I wanted to be. I really want to be a PMHNP. So I've been talking to Walden U, but they've denied transfer of 3 of my classes so far and are dragging their feet on the fourth.

Can I get a MSN online without a specific concentration and then go back to a uni such as Walden and take the post-master's specialization classes? Are universities generally agreeable to this or no?

Im not putting all my eggs in Walden's basket, but they are who I have spoken to most recently. Any suggestions? I'd love to hear from people who got their MSN and then went back.

Thanks so much I'm advance!


babatee, MSN, RN

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i recently graduated from WGU ( MSN nursing administration). I'm currently enrolled in the Adult-Geriatric Nurse practitioner (post-masters) with The university of texas at arlington. Walden doesnt have a post masters program but will accept 3 out of the 4 core msn courses (transfer).

My advice will be to get an MSN from WGU ( COST LESS than 7grand) then look up schools like UTA arlington, vandabuilt or maryville univ.