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Should I choose another school

by Ak199225 Ak199225 (New) New

I need some opinions. Ok I got accepted into chamberlain but it's broken up into 8 week segments instead of one semester being the normal august to December. One semester is 8 weeks. Every 8 weeks I have to pay 4,350 for school until I graduate in 19. I just don't know if I should pay all of that. My financial aid goes out next march so from that point on I will have to pay that out of pocket every 8 weeks for school. So Im just wondering should I go somewhere else because a full semester at my previous university was like 4800 from aug to December. It's supposedly faster but I don't see how when it's one or two classes a semester they have me taking and I can't choose how many I take. Idk what to do😫😫

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Do you have other options for school? Look into those. Some students also do as many general classes as they at community colleges to transfer them in and save money.

That's a ridiculous amount of money. 8 weeks is LESS than a quarter (typically 13weeks) and a quarter is less than a semester (typically 18 weeks).

I'm not sure they can call that a "semester" or a "quarter".