Should i choose to work in Assisted living or a Nursing home being a new CNA?


Okay guys so I'm in nursing school but I just got certified to work as a certified nurse assistant and since i would be new in wondering what the best way to go would be ? i have two job offers one nursi g home and one assisted. I hear that assisted pays less but more slow paced and good if you are going to school and the Nhome im offered at i dont like it and i hear i would hate working there. Everyone looks mean and the director told me that the other cnas who work there arent great team players and i wouldnt like to be bullied or anything being a new cna so i might not be a expert at it just yet and the assisted living place is so beautiful on the inside i love the atmosphere but the lower pay ive heard concerns me but i believe having a peace of mind is important as well so im a bit confused which to pick which would u prefer? how is ot working at AL and NH? Thanks guys would love some input and do al do all housekeeping too like laundry etc ? omg seems like a lot for lower pay

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