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Hi guys!

Do any of your companies offer 3-6 week assignments? I don't think I want to relocate for another 3 months but I could do a shorter contract if something like that was available. Specifically HI or CA. Thanks!

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That sounds like fun! Are assignments like those generally harder?


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I think they are like any assignment just shortened. I was in talks for my next assignment and told them I just didn't feel like being away from my family for 3 months at a time right now and the recruiter was like we can see about shortening the contract to 8 weeks, so I think it's possible on any assignment with some bargaining!


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It is unlikely that you will get anything for less than 8 weeks. Not worth it for the hospital, too much trouble for the agency. Locum physicians yes, nurses no generally. The rate to the hospital would have to be really high to pay for the higher cost of short term housing (hotel probably), and the effective cost when considering orientation even higher. Cheaper to do per diem in urban areas, and just have to manage somehow in rural areas.