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Shoreline community college nursing school

by Alykins101 Alykins101 (New) New

Hi there,

I am interested in applying to the spring nursing program. I have about 107 points when I calculate everything. However, what am I scared about is how rigorous the curriculum is. I have heard that many students fail out and cannot make it passed the fourth quarter. Are there any students who know what shoreline's nursing program is like? Are you able to work while you are in the program? How many hours did you study a week? Any thoughts / opinions on shoreline's nursing school would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Alykins101,

I would be happy to put you in touch with someone from the nursing department at Shoreline Community College. They will be able to provide you with insight into the rigors of the program. We want everyone to succeed at Shoreline, which is why we have learning resource centers and success coaches available to help our students. Send me an email at enroll@shoreline.edu with your contact information, and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Susie Schroeder

Student Recruitment & Enrollment Coach

Communications & Marketing

Shoreline Community College