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Shock Trauma OR Offer!

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by jackandjill123 jackandjill123 (Member)

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L1 Trauma or Cardiac Scrub?

  1. 1. L1 Trauma or Cardiac Scrub?

    • Shock Trauma OR Nurse
    • Cardiac Scrub Nurse on High-Risk CT Team

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This is all coming so fast. I was recently offered a chance to scrub on our open-heart team full-time. I had interviewed at Shock Trauma at UMMC a while back, but never heard back, so figured (as most would) that they had moved on to other candidates.

I just got an email this morning offering a full-time position as.... I am so overwhelmed and have a lot of praying to do as I know He will provide me the guidance to make the right decision. So blessed to have choices...

"Clinical Nurse II - Shock Trauma Operating Room

  • Work under direction of attending trauma surgeon and senior surgical residents
  • First / Second assist in Level I trauma cases in the O.R.
  • Assist in the trauma bay on resuscitative operative procedures

  • Assist in bedside cases (ex-laps, resternotomies, and other invasive procedures) in the SICU and ICU

  • Perform initial physical exams, document data, and schedule laboratory tests

  • Work as part of multi-disciplinary code team to deliver life-saving measures including bilateral thoracotomies and open cardiac massage

  • Liaison between the trauma bay and operating room to ensure room set up for emergency intervention
  • Participate in chopper retrievals of critically ill patients into the trauma bay from the helipad
  • Perform all elements as indicated by ACLS, including external chest compressions, defibrillation and monitor meds
  • Participate one weekend per month on SICU Code Team
  • Help coordinate logistics between medical staff and pastoral care after patient expirations
  • Attend and participate (as needed) in resident M&M sessions
  • Assist with operative dictations (as needed)

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Wow. Congratulations! Sounds like an amazing opportunity.

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RickyRescueRN has 21 years experience and works as a Flight Nurse Specialist.

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Wow what an amazing opportunity. Sounds like the perfect job for an adrenaline loving RN (like myself). Hope you are enjoying it. What did you choose eventually ?

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Are you liking it? Where did you train to scrub? Our hospital does not have scrub nurses, but I been wanting to hop in. I'm thinking of switching hospitals that have scrub nurses in it.

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