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Shadowing a DEM and CNM in CA

by tollelegeLVN tollelegeLVN (New) New

I am a fairly new LVN in California and am thinking about someday becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife. The closest program is UCSF, and I know that it is competitive. For this reason and just for my own "learning experience" I would like to shadow a midwife in town. There are only two that do homebirth, a CNM that I do know personally and an older DEM. Both are legal, and reportedly very "good" with probably about 15-20 years experience each, but what I'm concerned is what my own liability issues would be should something go wrong at a birth that I am at "shadowing" or helping with. Of course I should have my own Liability Insurance as a nurse, and I plan on doing this before proceeding. Just curious as to if anyone has any input on this...

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