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SF Bay Area, workplace funded RN?

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Afternoon all,

I am quickly coming up on the graduation of my LVN program and I am looking forward to soon entering the work force! 

I have heard that there are certain workplaces (SNFs, hospitals, etc) that will actually send you through to an RN program after staying with them for a certain amount of years. Is anyone aware of any places of employment currently doing something like this? I am based in the San Francisco Bay Area and ideally would look to stay close to home, but I am definitely willing to move around the state.

Also I realize this is probably a fairy tale situation and I’m sure fairly uncommon, just figured I’d pose the question out here on the forum and see if anyone knows of any! I’m definitely willing to work hard and dedicate myself to an organization if it means furthering my career.

Thank you for your time.

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