Severe hand eczema

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I have eczema on my hands bad enough to result in cracked, raw, open skin. Dio you feel it is safe, hygeinic, and appropriate to work like this? Or who should I ask? My manager kinda said it was up to me. She advised me to file FMLA but my,doctor said I can work so I'm not sure she would sign the forms.

But I'm also not sure I agree with her that its safe. She just said to,never touch a patient without gloves on. But I wonder how clean my skin can get with it peeling like it is, as well as what the risk to myself is with it open.


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Have you been to see your employee health nurse? I would expect them to be the final authority on what's acceptable in the workplace. I know my facility requires anyone with hand/arm skin issues to be evaluated- they'll teleconference with a doc.



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I did go last time this happened and the nurse told me it wasn't up to them. I considered calling infection control or going back to occupational health (it was about 2 years ago last time this happened and I went).



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I feel a lot of sympathy for your situation. You can not stay out of work hoping this will clear up. I would seek out a functional medicine or naturopathic doctor in your area to help you get to the bottom of this. Eczema is healed from the inside - out not from the outside as most dermatologist want to tackle it. Hope this puts you on the path to a solution and best of luck.



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I had this too for a while and my manager ordered special gloves for me. I also don't use the foam hand sanitizer as my skin reacted to that too. I used a ton of hydrocortisone cream on my hands and gradually my hands got better.

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Perhaps since you seem uncomfortable with your doctor's opinion, you should seek a second opinion -- whether from a dermatologist or naturopath or other MD, would be your choice.

It is against the Terms of Service for anyone here to offer medical advice.

I wish you improvement with your medical condition, and some acceptable answers/planning.

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