Seton Versant Program, Austin

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hello everyone,

recently graduated in may 2010 as an rn and hadn't heard back from any jobs i had applied for until last month. luckily, i continue to work at my place of employment where i was an lvn, now an rn and am not that hard up for a job. an hr admin from seton emailed me, telling me she had been sent my resume from a job i had applied for a few months back and wanted me to apply to their versant program, which i did. i am very excited, although i like my place of work (flexibility, good pay, close to home), i want to venture out and go for what i love (icu). my application for the versant program has been approved, i am just waiting for an interview now. the next cohort starts in october. any idea how long it takes to get an interview and what i should expect?

thanks for everything! :redbeathe