Seriously why did no one tell me?

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I left complex care pediatrics last November. I was home/school care PDN. Made the transition to LTC/sub acute. I love it. Even the higher patient load. People who want to progress. Even Advancing dementia is a non-issue for me with my background & experience. Working in a facility it’s not too hard to leave work at work. No one knows where I live. No one searching me on social media or begging my scheduler to give my personal contact info. Bonus points: non-smoking campus and no heaving smokers on staff so as I work through orientation I’m not abandoned by nurses or aides going out to smoke or vape. The patients/residents cannot smoke so no holding up a Med pass because someone is outside smoking.

Is it perfect? No. Am I much happier? Yes. Even with a month and a half of day/evening orientation for a die-hard night shifter



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Have you ever worked psych? How does psych compare to LTC for stress levels?