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Separate holiday PTO?


I have a job offer from a hospital that gives 3.6 hrs of PTO every pay period. So that’s 7.2 days/year. There are 8 paid holidays. I’m really worried about needing to call in sick, but also planning the occasional vacation. If I get really sick and have to call out for a day or two, there goes all my vacation time since it accrues so slowly. Does anyone have experience with having the holiday time separate? Can I save it it or do you have to use it that month. HR wasn’t helpful and only told me it was dependent on the department’s policy.

Normally holiday time does not accrue. For shift workers - if you work on the holiday you get holiday pay. For office workers - get the day off but get paid as if you were there.

there are some salaried positions that will get an Extra day off for a holidAy.

you need to be clear on how you are paid and the holiday policy at your employer.