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Seeking Preceptor

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Hi all, I am seeking a little help. I am in the MSN with an emphasis in public health program at Grand Canyon University and having a problem with obtaining a preceptor for my practicum which is set to start 7/30/2020 thru 11/30/2020. Since COVID-19 is happening, where I live in Los Angeles County, California does not let students into facilities. The school is allowing us a virtual/remote practicum and all practicums should consist of the weekly tasks between preceptors and students:

       Weekly teleconferencing between the student and preceptor- to occur 1-2x weekly, the best time for weekly connections can be decided between the student and the preceptor based on other duties and responsibilities.

The person does not have to be in my city or state since it will be via teleconferencing.

I have listed the requirements of the preceptor below:

Public Health Nursing Practicum Preceptor Requirements:

·   Holds an unencumbered and current nursing license.

·   Must hold a Master's degree in Nursing or Master’s degree in a related public health field (examples can include natural or social sciences, public health, health care administration, health sciences, social work).

·   Preceptor is experientially and academically prepared.

    Provide opportunities to work with other public health professionals as appropriate to augment the practicum experience. .                               

   Minimum of 2 years current work experience in public/community/population health.

·   Minimum of 3 months at current employer (will check this criteria with my counselor since the practicum is virtual).

·   Able to provide an educational experience that will help meet overall practicum objective and personal learning objectives.

·   Preceptor willingness and time available to precept student learning by serving as a resource during the practicum time.

Someone please help 🙂

Denise Chapnick BSN, RN, PCCN



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