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Seeking inside info on NYC OR's...

New York   (635 Views 2 Comments)
by french01 french01 (New Member) New Member

french01 works as a or rn.

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Hello! I am planning on trying to move back to the city from upstate - and am seeking info on OR's in Manhattan, or suburbs...

I would love to hear about great teams - and negative ones too! I am a fairly new nurse with under one year OR experience - i would love to end up in a great organization. Thank you!!!

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giddygiddygirl works as a OR.

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Well I don't have a lot of experience to discuss... I graduated in May '08 from nursing school (BSN) in Baltimore, moved (back) to NYC In Aug. and started working in the OR at NewYork-Presbyterian Cornell in October. I work in the Neuro/Ortho/ENT service (mostly Neuro) and I love it. I have only been off orientation for 6 weeks and I have many moments of complete stress and anxiety. A lot of times I feel like I know NOTHING. But everyone (well, almost everyone, except a few surgeons) is very supportive and the truth is, I've learned a lot and continue to learn every day. I think I got lucky and am in the best core. My manager is great and I love all the nurses, scrub techs and the residents.

At NewYork-Presbyterian Cornell we work 8 hour shifts, M-F and have holidays and weekends off. You CAN work on holidays and weekends, and you can take call, but I won't feel comfortable doing any of that I'm sure until I've been there a year. Nurses here scrub and circulate, but there are many scrub techs as well. Ummmm, I don't know what else to say, except that I'm very happy that I got this job!!

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