Seeking info about UMass ABSN!

by Cleoma L Cleoma L (New) New Pre-Student

Looking for folks who have attended the UMass ABSN program or have more info about the pacing/coursework. I completed my undergrad there in the humanities and have been preparing to either apply directly to their ABSN program or do an ADN and then a bridge RN-BSN. Ultimate goal is FNP so obviously the ABSN program is the more direct route. Here's the issue: I have a chronic illness and the horror stories I've read about the pace of an accelerated program are worrisome. I don't want to sacrifice my health in order to get my degree. I know the general rule of message boards is usually the folks who struggled with something will be likely to follow up and post... so I'm looking for more info about the realities of the program's pace and maybe answers to some other questions, such as, what if I got sick and had to drop a class? Would I need to drop out completely and join and the next cohort?

Thanks in advance for any insight you might have!!



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I'm considering applying here as well, so following for info~