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Seeking info about Stony Brook & Empire - any students???


Specializes in operating room.


I would love to hear any advice and/ or actual experience

with the Rn to BR programs at Stony Brook & Empire College.

I really want a SUNY program - and don't really know if these are respected and accepted programs across the country and with all nursing organizations.

Thank you!!!!!!

Stony Brook is well respected everywhere. CLinically strong, facts, not frou-frou. I looked into Empire and I don't know about their reputation as they are a brand new nursing program, but the curriculum looks as if it should be acceptable for any NP program.

Stony Brook is a wonderful college and is accredited and respected everywhere. Stony Brook is a great school, they are in the top 50 public universities in the UNited States and in the top 1% in the world.

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