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Seeking FNP Preceptors

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Hi All nurses Board,

I was looking to start working on getting potential preceptors, information, network etc for my time in the FNP program for the next 6 courses. I am looking to find a NP, PA, MD that wouldn't mind having a FNP student with them during a semester (hrs vary on the course at the time : 20-135 hrs) for clinical and learning etc. I know preceptor finding is the worse and hardest for the programs, so I wanted to start early to hopefully book and network some. I am located in Houston, but can travel around Houston to Katy, Surgerland, Woodland, Humble, Clear lake etc etc, anything around the Houston area in General. Outpatient, Fast Track ED, clinics appears to be what is preferred by the program so far. If anyone can help or assist. That would be great. Thanks!


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