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Seeking advice!

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@michelle.singh60 - I am a newly accepted student to the the Downstate ABSN and am seeking some advice. As a new account holder I wasn't able to directly message you so I am making this thread as a throwaway to get in touch. Do you recall what the process was like to register for clinical sites for your cohort? I think you mentioned an app on one of the other posts? Do you remember what clinical sites were offered to your cohort? 

Any other information pertaining to this aspect of the program would be super helpful - tips on choosing a good match, how to research a good match, what your experience was like...

Thanks in advance!! 

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I'm sorry for the late response. I've been swamped with so many exams. I can contact you on fb so I can better answer your questions. 

There is also a facebook group for your cohort, which I am in. If you're in the group I can reach out to you.

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