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Second semester tips/preparation

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by dancergirl27 dancergirl27 (New Member) New Member

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Hello all!

I finished up my first semester and am gearing up for next semester! (Check out my other post if you want to know more about my first semester -- tl;dr it went really well but was definitely stressful).

I am very sad that vacation is getting to a close and honestly, thinking about second semster makes me feel exhausted already. However, I've gotten some great rest so I know I will feel better once the semester actually begins.

So for spring, I am taking Med/Surg I, Pharmacology II, Nutrition/Health, Med/Surg skills lab, and Med/Surg clinical. First semester, I took Fundamentals, Pathophysiology, Pharm I, Funds skills lab, and Funds Clinical. I wanted to know how should I prepare or any tips in general for this semester? I have heard the horror stories of Pharm and Med/Surg from users on here, so I'm a little nervous for those! Is it worth it to do any prep or should I just enjoy this time and rest up?

Thank you all so much!

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Laur318 works as a Doula.

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These are great questions... will be starting my second semester too! We had assignments for next semester posted days after the final. haha

It's hard not to get started early, BUT I am telling myself this is the only "me" time I'll get for a while so I am going to hold off a bit. I am beyond excited that in my first weeks back, the material includes maternity/newborn nursing.

Congrats and good luck!

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