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Second courser seeking insights and advice?

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Hi! I am going back to uni to pursue a nursing degree and hopefully work in the US. My first choice is California because of its climate and closeness to my relatives. I know the BoN has strict rules in place; I've read stories about concurrency issues, not being permitted to acquire an ATT to sit for the NCLEX, and etc. With this in mind, I have some questions:

1. Did colleges and universities address the concurrency issue in the current curriculum? Are clinical and lecture classes done in the same semester, without compromising either clinical or lecture hours? (I already inquired with some schools, however I'd like to hear graduates' advice.)

2. For those who graduated around 2014 onward, can you please share your experience in acquiring a California RN License?

3. What words of encouragement or advice can you give to incoming second coursers, as well as to incoming freshmen?

Thank you and hope the information in this post helps us all!

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