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Seattle/Tacoma Programs Still Open For Winter/Spring 2015

by HippyMama HippyMama (New) New

S if I don't get some replies on here I will be bound to do hours upon hours of research online, or just wait to apply for schools that start next fall.

I would like a program that admits based on GPA as my prerequisite gps is 4.0 and overall gpa is 3.8 I am certified as a CNA out of state but could easily transfer it to WA, I just haven't because I'm not working right now.

I have no volunteer experience but I have worked as a CNA, PCA and a pediatric special needs side. If waiting to apply for next fall I could get in volunteer hours if need be...

Howeveer I would love to start a program in January. I think I would prefer an ADN program because of the lower tuition, but if there are any BSN programs that are actually only two years and offer good scholarships I would be interested in that.

Oh and it has to be a program that would consider old prerequisites, as I quit pursuing nursing school to be a stay at home mom and work part time as a CNA. However now my youngest is school she so I the it's time for me to pursue my dream again!

Hi, it depends on how old your pre-reqs are really. The sciences will have a time limit I think for most if not all the schools here. Chem is usually 10 yrs and A&P 5yrs typically. With your high GPA and work experience as a CNA you should look at shoreline community college. They may be open for applications for winter quarter. Bellevue college and Everett comm college both go off the Tease test score initially I think. North seattle community college is GPA based and you may check to see when their next application is open/closed. Seattle central accepts once per year and is first come first in type of deal. Ithink their application period is sometime after the first of the year. You will have to check to see if your science classes are still in the acceptable timeframe for each school. Good luck! =)

Tacoma community coll is a random drawing but gives bonus points for grades and CNA work. These points give you a greater chance of getting picked. They have already closed for fall this year, so maybe next fall for you?

I believe that shoreline does enrollment for each quarter. I started for the winter quarter, which had an application deadline in November, I think, to start in the beginning of January.

They do a point system based on your pre-req grades. They also award additional points for work experience. I don't recall how old the pre-reqs can be, since I entered as an LPN and they allowed more time as an advanced placement student.

So that is a program to consider, since you'd maybe be able to apply for winter quarter - look into when their informational meetings are, since attendance to one may be a requirement ;)

good luck!