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Found 10,000 results

  1. Kooky Korky

    COVID-19: Ivermectin

    Anyone hear of this med? It is anti-parasitic and has tremendous ability to knock out COVID 19, too. Check out Dr. Pierre Kori, MD
  2. For a Covid patient. WOW! is this world coming to? LOL, my W T F was changed to WOW! LOL Helena hospital says staff were "harassed and threatened" over COVID-19 patient treatment
  3. Judges are apparently doctors, too. Judge orders Ohio hospital to treat Covid patient with ivermectin
  4. Hannahbanana

    Valid Reasons To Not Get Vaccinated

    New report out on reanalysis of ivermectin study. Short answer: when they do the study properly, the effects disappear. thank you!
  5. nursej22

    Physician Spreads Dis-Information: License Revoked

    I think the headline is inflammatory, but a PA in Washington state has had his license suspended. Good.
  6. Hannahbanana

    Valid Reasons To Not Get Vaccinated

    New report out on reanalysis of ivermectin study. Short answer: when they do the study properly, the effects disappear. Tried to cop6 here but keep getting error messages. Find it for free on MedPage.
  7. NRSKarenRN

    Valid Reasons To Not Get Vaccinated

    MedPage Today, October 29, 2021 In Re-Analysis, Ivermectin Benefits Disappeared as Trial Quality Increased — When studies with a moderate or greater risk of bias were removed, survival benefit vanished.
  8. MunoRN

    I'm Done

    At least in terms of those I work with, we absolutely hate those who are out there spreading misinformation and the harm that causes, but we don't hate our unvaccinated patients even if they held or even still hold those views. Being ICU-level-sick ...
  9. subee

    Pregnancy after COVID vaccine?

    These brains need de-worming:) Maybe Ivermectin IS the answer! Having gone through a stillbirth at 9 months, I understand the pain and the years it takes to recover. I just can't understand why anyone would chose to inflict this on themselves. Di...
  10. macawake

    COVID-19: Ivermectin

    That’s a long list of studies in your link. Can you pick out the top three or five studies that in your opinion offers the best evidence for the claim that Ivermectin is an effective treatment for Covid-19? I looked through a couple of them and could...
  11. Hannahbanana

    COVID-19: Ivermectin

    I think it’s perfectly clear. My cats have all be dewormed with ivermectin (repeatedly, because they hunt and eat their rodent prey) and they have never had any signs of COVID. Good enough for me. {{{snark}}}
  12. MunoRN

    I'm Done

    I'm struggling to believe you're really trying to be serious there. Why would we hold it against someone, who we had explained to numerous times why ivermectin was more likely to be harmful than beneficial to him and despite that took an unknown...
  13. Lpentzold

    LPN to PA or BSN PA?

    Hi everyone, I am new new here and looking for advice applicable to Washington State. I have been a Licensed Master Esthetician for 7 years and I have goals of becoming a Physician Assistant one day. I've done plenty of research and have decided it ...
  14. mdcp

    COVID-19: Ivermectin

    Yes because Merck is making a new drug for Covid treatment. They lost the patient to ivermectin in the 90s, so of course they want the new drug that is for Covid to be paid off from all money spent on research.
  15. BtheGazelle

    Excelsior in PA

    Hi there, I am registered to start classes with Excelsior October 25th and I am just worried about about working as a RN after I finish. I see they lost their accreditation so I was just looking for some insight from anyone please. thank you
  16. CCFCP

    Pre-pour in jail

    So as we all know, Covid is really throwing a wrench in how we do things. My jail is just starting to see a large number of cases and we were recently told that we have to pass meds cell by cell in each dayroom. This means pre-pouring as the cart can...
  17. toomuchbaloney

    Changing the Conversation about COVID to Get More People Vaccinated

    That's right. I diminish the feelings of the unvaccinated. Their feelings shouldn't be the primary consideration in this discussion, yet page after page of comments in these threads are fixated on how the unvaccinated feel about the mandates or the...
  18. DavidFR

    COVID-19: Ivermectin

    I've had Ivermectin to treat Scabies. I had no side-effects from it. Interestingly, my husband wasn't contaminated by me however my dermatologist wanted him to have a preventive dose, then changed her mind when she found he was on methotrexate ...
  19. nycNurse2b

    Camp help in PA

    Looking to do a short term sleepaway summer camp next year in NEPA that I can bring my girls to. There are SO many in the Pocono area. If anyone can make a recommendation or tell me who to stay away from i would greatly appreciate it. Also, what'...
  20. mdcp

    COVID-19: Ivermectin

    Given all the data At this point it would be considered unethical to do RCTs. I can’t believe the thinking process... pts have Covid but not a home treatment option to help prevent them from getting worse or admitted. Sit at home and wait until yo...
  21. subee

    Does the shot mess with your DNA?

    LateBhattacharya et al., Int. J. Scientific Research, doi:10.36106/ijsr/7232245 (Peer Reviewed)Observational Study on Clinical Features, Treatment and Outcome of COVID 19 in a tertiary care Centre in India- a retrospective case series Retrospect...
  22. Hey! Unsure how to properly send you a message-- hope this works! Would you kindly let me know of the person + email address of who you had contacted at CSULA to appeal your denial? I was hoping to contact them as well before submitting an official request through the school. Thank you so much!

  23. mdcp

    COVID-19: Ivermectin

    Go down the list. Lots of data and info to be found. or you can do a simple search and find stuff... too much stuff to post but you get the idea.
  24. chare

    COVID-19: Ivermectin

    The FDA-approved drug ivermectin inhibits the replication of SARS-CoV-2 in vitro 'This was a gift to us': Ivermectin effective for COVID-19 prophylaxis, treatment Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance Ivermectin
  25. Hello! I have a question for school nurses in PA - is it possible to become certified with the NBCSN and not enroll in classes for certification at a college?? Like, I just want to take the test and not get half a master's degree. Is that kosher? FWI...