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Scrub Update!


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I've outgrown my old scrubs, and I'm looking to invest more in top quality produced uniforms. Looking for a scrub can be overwhelming with all the brands that are out there, and I thought I would open this topic to see what's new and what is the most preferred scrubs out there to date. I typically consider Price, Fit, Style and Quality before any purchase but generally gravitate to the lowest price :yes:. What brand would you recommend and why?

My current favorite are Cherokee Workwear scrubs. I have one set of normal Cherokee scrubs, and they just don't fit well; either too small or too large. My Cherokee Workwear scrubs, however, fit perfectly and the material is flexible so it doesn't feel like I'm keeping everything trapped inside. They also have numerous pockets and look sharp. They are also decently priced for a quality pair of scrubs. I'm definitely looking to get another pair of them soon!