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Scottsdale in AZ


I am thinking of accepting a travel job in Scottsdale, AZ at the Shea Campus of Scottsdale healthcare. Has anyone worked there/heard anything about it? Thanks!


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I have never worked there so I dont have deep knowledge of the interworkings there, but I am a student who has done a clinical rotation there. Just from that perspective I can say that the nurses generally have a good attitude and mostly like to work there. I overhear some minor drama occasionally, but for the most part morale seems good. The facility is pretty nice and in a good area. I have no idea what the normal pay scale is, but it is in a more ritzy city, so that may have an effect on that. The computer system they use is pretty simple to navigate and chart in. On the floors I have been on the nurse:pt ratio for med/surg is 1:3-4 depending on acuity. In the OR, some rooms have one RN and some have 2. Overall, it seems like a pretty good place to work and there is pretty good teamwork between the charge, RNs, and CNAs.