Scoring 48-55% on kaplan. Will I pass NCLEX?

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I'm totally freaking out! My test is in 3 weeks and I have been scoring 48-55% on kaplan. I've also been doing Uworld and averaging 40-50% on it. Will I pass my test? Has anyone else been scoring low and passing the nclex??

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To be perfectly straightforward, your Kaplan trainer tests need to be 60 or greater. Once you are consistently scoring in the low 60s, you will likely pass NCLEX.

Scores of 48 to 55 are somewhat low and might be indicative that you are lacking some important knowledge regarding nursing content. Good luck to you.



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I scored 58-59% on QT 6 and 7, and passed NCLEX in 75 questions last week. But my scores were all 67-69% for QT 1-5.