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Rooted within the liberal arts of Catholic intellectual traditions, Sacred Heart University is contemporary in spirit and thinking. The mission is to educate the entire person to lead and serve in the world today. The Catholic tradition is the cornerstone of Sacred Heart University, welcoming people from all faith bases and cultural backgrounds.

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    May 8, '17, 1:17 pm by Pro
    Overall: 5.0 Avg Rating
    Recommend: 5 stars
    Experience: 5 stars
    Staff: 5 stars
    Academics: 5 stars
    Costs: 5 stars
    Support: 5 stars

    Status: Alumni
    Program: Master's
    Classes: Online
    Graduation: 2014
    Focus: Educator

    My Experience

    I graduated from Sacred Heart University (SHU) in December, 2014, with an MSN Education. This program was online and accelerated with a new course every eight weeks. The program was designed for working nurses. Practicums were required for professional development and academic education which would be arranged by the student. SHU advised students about facilities that were already contracted or the student could choose their own facility and obtain a contract. I chose this program, in part, because it was within easy commuting distance so I could complete the academic education practicum there.

    I applied to the program to begin in Fall, 2012. The application process seemed standard. Copies of transcripts, license, letter of reference from employer, and personal statement were required. My admission representative was pleasant and helpful. No GRE was required due to my high GPA in previous coursework. Recent courses in statistics and health assessment were required.

    Blackboard was the platform for the program. All courses required discussion board posts written in a scholarly manner in APA format, written papers, and group projects. Pathophysiology required some online tests. I spent about 20 hours per week on the courses. The courses were fast paced and reading was often required before the first week of class. SHU provided an assistant to sign up for classes and to provide reminders to obtain books. The same nurses were in most of my classes so we were able to get to know each other. SHU also provided an academic advisor throughout the program.

    Until the final classes with practicums, I was able to complete all requirements without missing work. The hours required within the eight week classes caused me to reduce my work schedule by one day per week for 16 weeks. My practicums were easy to arrange. The clinical placement coordinator referred me to the right people to contact.

    Overall, attending SHU was a positive experience. The classes were interesting and worthwhile. The professors were knowledgeable and pleasant. I highly recommend SHU for nursing education.

    About The Staff

    The staff was always pleasant and helpful.