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As the first nursing school in Texas, the University of Texas Medical Branch has continued to show success through being a leader in nursing education. Graduating students nationally rank as high scholars at the school of nursing. We offer quality nursing education at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree levels.

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    May 6, '17, 4:00 pm by
    Overall: 5.0 Avg Rating
    Recommend: 5 stars
    Experience: 5 stars
    Staff: 5 stars
    Academics: 5 stars
    Costs: 5 stars
    Support: 5 stars

    Status: Student
    Program: BSN
    Classes: On Campus
    Graduation: 2017
    Focus: Emergency

    My Experience

    I've had an incredible experience at UTMB! All of the professors really care about you, and there are multiple resources for students such as tutoring, open office hours, and many more. Everybody is super focus on helping students succeed, and I don't feel like just another student because all of the professors know who I am. My class is only 80 people, so it was very competitive to be admitted, but I feel like the small class makes it easier to learn and easier to have a relationship with the professors. I will be graduating in August 2017 with my BSN.

    About The Staff

    The staff is great! They are great at sending reminder emails for anything that is due such as tuition, registration, etc. The professors are incredible and they're very nice and want to help you learn.