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School's Out!!!


Well, I finished my med/surg final today and proud to say I made an 86%. I am done! Only one more semester until graduation :D :D My hubby says that I am 3/4 of a nurse now:chuckle

Good Luck to everyone taking finals this week;)

Terrific ! Well done and congrats to you - - - :)

Congrats to you and I am happy to say that I am in the same position as you are! Four weeks off is not enough! :p Good thing is, only one more semester to go! I ended up with an 89%, the highest grade in the class! I'm just happy that no one failed out this past quarter. Good luck in the rest of nursing school and enjoy your break!

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Way to go!

Congratulations Ann!!!! That's wonderful...I know you are sooo excited!!!



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