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Schools offering summer student nurse intern course in MN


Hello all, I attend nursing school in a nearby state and accepted a summer student nurse internship in MN. Per MN state law, I must register for a student nurse internship course at an in-state college. I know of two schools that offer this course (SCSU and Winona) and am wondering if anyone knows of any other schools that offer it.

Does anyone know of any other schools that offer the course? I'm looking to register for the cheapest one possible (i.e., lowest number of credits and lowest cost per credit). Thanks!

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The U of M likely has one, I would check the tech schools: NHCC, AR, etc.

I had an internship last summer in Minnesota and I took my course through Winona State University. It was super easy and I found it to be the cheapest course offered! The U and other places were very expensive, I think Winona was like $100 something or low $200s. That's the only downfall of Minnesota, but the internship experience is worth it!

Thanks so much to both of you! I'll get in touch with Winona today.