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School trouble!

by Tirheu Tirheu (New) New

:confused:HELP! I have been taking a fulltime LPN class at a local votech school, and this past week i was told that my Bio grade was not passing and i could no longer attend school. Pretty much kicked out for a low bio grade. ( I as.5% away from passing) I am not sure what to do now...keep trying somewhere else? Start all over again? And the part that keeps bringing me down is that after all that hard work i didnt make it. Is this above me? Or do i just get back up and try again? And with so many other stress factors right now (mainly money, student loans) i am unsure of how i would even go back... Any thought would be so very helpful!

I say keep trying. Check with your program and see if they will let you back in for the next LPN class. With the school that I'm attending in May, they will let you back in a second time if you fail but you have to go through what they call a success program that is designed to help you succeed the second time around. Good Luck!! Don't give up if this is something that you really want. Maybe right now is not the time for you. Look back on what you can do differently to succeed the next time around.

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