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I am just putting this out to see if any of the School Nurses in Massachusetts do any MassHealth billing for vision, hearing, BMI, and postural screenings? I guess this is a new thing and am wondering if anyone has discussed this with administration or has heard from his/her administration about this.

The US Department of HHS sent out letters stating that there are changes to the former free care” policy, meaning that school districts can now bill MassHealth/ School-based Medicaid for screenings and other school health services for students who have MassHealth coverage. This is an explanation I received from DPH:

Previously, any service that was available to ALL students, regardless of payment provider, could not be billed. This change now allows schools to bill for any school nursing services, including all vision, hearing, BMI and other screenings to MassHealth eligible students under School-Based Administrative Claiming.”

Our school district used to do MassHealth billing but not for school screenings. Does anyone have anymore information on this?

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Huh. First I am hearing about this on my end...