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School Nursing in Houston? Help!


Hey everyone! Here's the long story short, I am a new graduate (May 2010) Started work as an RN in the beginning of July. I work in the med center in Houston as a clinical nurse. I absolutely hate working weekends and holidays. I know I signed up for that but it really gets me down for the whole week leading up to it that I can't pep myself up or get out of the rut.

Anyways I applied for some school nursing jobs, because I have always been interested ( i used to want to be a teacher). A school that's 15 minutes away (and where I don't have to pay 65 dollars per month to park!) called and I have an interview with the principal and the head of the school health dept on the same day. It's 32 hours a week, no weekends or holidays and I think the summer off as well. These are all great perks, I'm just curious about what exactly a school nurse does and how the pay is in Houston. On the post it said like 44,500-70,000 so that seems fine but i'm sure I'll find out when I go to interview.

Also I talked to some girls a work and they really think I should stay and get more clinical experience which I know is good, but I know I don't want to stay there forever so why not take a good opportunity if it falls in my lap? Any advice out there? Thank you! :redbeathe