What kind of gift for school nurse?

  1. This is my last week in doing my community clinical at an elementary school and I just need some suggestions of a gift to give to the school nurse. She has been an awesome clinical preceptor.
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  3. by   mamunsey
    As a school nurse, I can honestly say that a gift of appreciation would be nice, I would recommend a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant, or if you want to gift the school, any supplies that are used in the clinic would be wonderful. I would appreciate most anything, I personally like ther nurses knick-knacks or pictures for my wall. Good luck and hope this helps!
  4. by   bergren
    A thank you note is always appropriate. School nurses understand students have minimal resources. While you are being precepted by school nurses, providing articles that we do not have access to is always appreciated.
  5. by   Jeanine
    I had a student nurse who gave me a framed photo of the two of us. It is up in my office next to my family photos. It always makes me smile!!