What is a PRIVATE SCHOOL RN Salary???

  1. I have my second interview for a position as a School Nurse at a PRIVATE school in an affluent area of Southern California.

    I am a new graduate Nurse although I have experience working with children.

    I am not sure what to expect for salary in a Private school that is K-12, with 1,000+ students.

    Any thoughts?!

    Also, where do you find information regarding state policies for immunizations, vision/hearing screening, etc etc.

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  3. by   dennysbfly
    I live in Virginia and would bet we make alot less than you do in California. As far as regulations...check with your Department of Education. Probably on their website.

    Good Luck!! School Nurses are importane people. We do a great thing!!!!
  4. by   topsyturvy
    A lot of school nurses in Texas are on the teacher pay scale.